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Back into the swing of things...

The school has been back into the swing of things for two weeks now and I thought that I would let you know how it has been going.

Firstly, I want to thank you, our parents, for entrusting us with your children during these very uncertain times. Whilst our Grade 7 boys have been back at school since the 8th June, the rest of the school only returned on the 24 August (apart from a short stint when the Grade R, Grade 3 and Grade 6 boys returned for a short while.) Attendance has been at 93% for the first two weeks.

To date, we have not had a single case where a learner (or teacher) has tested positive whilst they have been at school. Only one boy tested positive in May before schools had re-opened. He has subsequently tested negative and has been back at school since July.

The school is deep-cleaned with disinfectant every Friday and is sanitized daily. The bathrooms and high-risk areas are sanitized more than once a day.

The boys have settled in well and are adhering to the new rules of social distancing and the wearing of masks. Please continue to encourage this when at home.

I do, however, want to remind all parents of a few “house-keeping” points: Ensure that your child comes to school each day wearing his mask. (Yes, we have had one or two individuals arrive without masks!) Please ensure that he remembers to bring his QR code if this applies to him. (Grade 6 & 7). Drop and collect your son at the specified place and times! Some children are being dropped or collected late. Boys must come to school in their tracksuits and sports clothes on the day they have Physical Education. Some parents are parking across the road when fetching or dropping their child (Kingsway). This is dangerous. If you wish to stop on the opposite side of the road, please walk across and fetch him. Alternatively, park on the school side of the road. Please do not allow your child to wear a beanie to school as this is not a part of school uniform. Gloves are also not allowed for health reasons. (They cannot be sanitized).

On a few occasions, parents have contacted their son's teacher to let them know that they have, together with their child, attended a funeral or social gathering. Please be wise when attending such gatherings. If your children are not needed, rather do not expose them to the possibility of contracting Covid-19. If they do attend such gatherings, please ensure that they maintain social distancing, wear their masks and follow all protocols to protect themselves and others.

I wish to thank all parents whose school fees are up to date. Whilst we are all going through tough times and whilst school is not completely back to normal, we still have to pay salaries to staff and this is made possible through the regular payment of school fees.

The saving on the amount of stationery used this year will also be passed on to the parents and stationery packs for next year will not cost as much as this year. All class stationery savings will be passed on to the parents.

As we start preparing the budget for 2021, we are attempting to keep the increase in school fees to a minimum. By keeping your fees up to date we can accomplish this. Please also, rest assured that the school has cut down on planned expenditure and we have tightened our belts in many areas to save costs.

Kind regards

Mr Lester Pike

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