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The END of Term 4 2019

Dear Parents


As 2019 draws to a close I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all our parents who have assisted in any way at our school. The help and support which we get from our parent body is what makes this school work. We have many parents who give up their time and effort to serve the school in so many ways. The SGB, under the chairmanship of Mr Brendan Raasch, the PTA under the chairlady, Mrs Leanne Gregoriou and the parents attached to those bodies need our heartfelt thanks. May 2020 bring with it many more such parents so that we can share the load.

There are a few items to diarise for things to do before 2020:


Please ensure that your child has a uniform that is the correct size, the correct colour (not

faded) and is not torn or has buttons missing or broken zips! There will be a uniform and stationery check early next year and the teachers are going to be strict on pupils whose uniforms and stationery are not what is expected. Some of the older boy's long trousers are too short! Please ensure that his long trousers touch his shoes and when he grows, let the hems out. Please also ensure that your child wears a clean shirt to school each day.


Please ensure that the correct stationery requirements are bought before the start of next term.

This stationery is available as a pack from the suppliers. The school has tried, in the past, to make the purchasing of stationery packs more convenient for parents by making use of the most economical supplier, only to upset local suppliers. This year, the school has asked local and other suppliers, to quote for the stationery requirements. Please understand that parents may purchase their child's stationery requirements from any stationery store, but that the correct stationery is important. This means that parents must buy the stationery which is on the stationery list supplied and that the pupils must have this stationery by the first school day next year.

There are a few additional stationery costs which differ from grade to grade. These costs include the reams of paper (which the school gets at a special price, coloured card, aprons and chair bags, etc. These costs have been communicated via the D6



Please read through your son's

academic report with him. Whilst he may have progressed to the next grade in 2020, he may still have to work hard at improving his weak areas if he has some. Discuss with him the importance of a good, solid work ethic throughout the year and assist him to set his academic goals for 2020. Reading should be a daily task and must be monitored. Please assist the school in this regard. Please also try to be aware of what work your child should be doing each day. Some children do not hand in projects or assignments and others do not prepare for orals. These are areas where your child can improve his marks with a little more effort.


Our post establishment (the posts allocated to us from the Department of Education) has been increased by one for next year. This means that we have been allocated 17 Departmental educators for 2020. Three teachers are leaving at the end of this term. Mrs Wade will be moving to East London and will be replaced by Ms T.J. Harvey in Grade 3. Mr Travis Brown will be relocating to Natal and he will be teaching in a private school to be close to his fiancé. He will be replaced by Ms. Camilla Wigmore in the Grade 4 class. Mr Mike Morgan will be joining our staff as the Sports Administrator in place of Mr Grant Knoetze, who moves into the classroom. Mrs Kate Muller has been appointed as the Remedial Teacher in our Education Support Centre. She replaces Mrs Nadia Wilson who has resigned.

The school will therefore have three substantive vacant posts at the start of 2020. This places an enormous burden on our finances as the SGB have to fill the vacancies which the Department of Education fail to fill. I have been in contact with the Department in a bid to have our vacancies filled. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this letter, no news has been received.


There are still a large number of parents whose school fees remain unpaid or in arrears. Please try to settle these accounts before the end of year as it may jeopardise your child's admission in 2020. As we close our books at the end of December, all outstanding amounts will be handed over to our attorneys for collection. Please folks, it is only fair to your child to ensure that their fees remain up to date.

Our country is in dire straits as a result of the attitude regarding the non-payment for services. The many parents who faithfully pay their school fees each month are subsidising those who don't.

As you have enrolled your child in our school, PLEASE NOTE that Queen's College Boys' Primary School is a declared FEE PAYING SCHOOL in terms of section 39 of the SA Schools Act, and in terms of Sections 40 and 41 of the said Act, the school may enforce the payment of these compulsory fees.

If you are unable to meet the school fee requirements of this school, please find a non-fee paying school to enrol your child in. There are many in and around our town.


School opens on the 15th January for the pupils (staff will be back on the 13th). School will start at 08:00am on the first day and then at 07:30 am every morning.


Grade 0 and R

Monday to Friday

07:30 to 12:00

Grade 1

Monday - 07:30 to 13:00

Tuesday - 07:30 to 13:30

Wednesday - 07:30 -13:00

Thursday - 07:30 – 13:30

Friday - 07:30 to 12:20

Grade 2

Monday - 07:30 to 13:30

Tuesday - 07:30 – 13:00

Wednesday - 07:30 to 13:30

Thursday - 07:30 to 13:00

Friday - 07:30 to 12:20

Grade 3

Monday to Thursday - 07:30 – 13:30

Friday - 07:30 – 12:20

Rest of School

07:30 to 13:30 (Monday to Friday).

Parents are to collect their child at the times specified please. Should a child have sport, please ensure that they are collected within 15 minutes of their finishing time. We sometimes have children waiting for their lift until dark. This is unfair on your child and also on the staff who are tasked to look after them.

It is not the school's responsibility to look after children who have not been collected at the correct time.


In closing, we as a staff would like to wish you and your extended families God's richest blessing as you celebrate Christmas. May your New Year be filled with Joy, Prosperity and Happiness. We pray for journey mercies on all who may be travelling somewhere this holiday.

Have a wonderful rest!

L.M. Pike


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