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2021 School Fee Structure

At a Budget Proposal meeting held in the school hall on the 11th November at 18:00 the following proposals were adopted.

School Fees

1. School fees for 2021 will be payable at the beginning of each month (January to

November) and will be R2740 per learner.

2. All parents are liable to pay school fees unless exempted.

3. The first 75 parents who pay the annual fee before the end of January will receive a R1

500 reduction on annual fees. (i.e. R28 640 per year).

4. Parents whose fees remain in debt after three months will be handed over to our debt

collection agents.

5. Section 38A payments to relevant staff were accepted.

Hostel Fees

1. Hostel fees are payable at the beginning of each term.

2. Fees for 2021 will be R10 731 for weekly boarding and R13 524 per term for termly


3. Boys whose fees are not paid by the end of the first week of term will be asked to leave

the hostel.

Day-care Fees

1. Day-care fees will remain unchanged at R700 (per month) for next year.

2. Meals will also remain unchanged at R400 (per month) over 11 months.

Parents whose financial situation deteriorates during the year may apply for exemption/partial exemption of fees by filling out the application form available from the office. Both biological parents and/or guardians’ income must be reflected on the application form and submitted together with all the required documentation.

Please note: We are a quintile 5 school and school fees are compulsory! If you cannot afford the school fees, please enrol your child in a no-fee school.

Parents whose fees are in arrears at the end of the year will have to re-apply for admission the following year.

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