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I want to begin by wishing all our parents compliments of the season. May 2021 bring you all much joy, immense happiness and above all, good health. I trust that you have enjoyed the break together with your family and that your extended family has been protected from the pandemic.

This year has started off in much the same manner in which 2020 ended, amid fears of contracting the dreaded Corona virus. Unfortunately, the new wave has brought with it a much harsher form of the virus and it is infecting more and more of our people.

This morning, the Minister of Basic Education, Mrs Angie Motshegka, announced that, as a result of the devastating effects of the virus, schools would be opening later than expected. The hope is that the 'second wave' will soon pass and that we will see a decrease in the number of persons becoming infected.

Our children are our most valued assets and we must ensure that they remain safe at all costs.

The Minister has announced that pupils will return to school on 15 February 2021. Some staff will return on 25 January with the remainder returning on 1 February and all pupils return on 15 February. Boarders should return to the hostel on Sunday afternoon,

(14 February) between 15:00 and 18:00. There will be a brief meeting of hostel parents in the Van der Mescht Hall at 17:30 on this day.

Queen's College Boys' Primary would like to assure all parents that every precaution will continue to be taken to safeguard the health of your child. All Covid-19 protocols are in place and will be maintained throughout the pandemic. It is, however, imperative that you continue to 'educate' your child with regard to the wearing of his mask, the sanitising of his hands and the keeping his social distance from his peers. At school, the staff will also ensure that these protocols are followed.

The staff will endeavour to ensure that no work is lost through the delayed opening of schools and that your child will receive the education he so badly deserves.

Please ensure that your child has all the necessary uniform requirements he needs from the first day of term. Stationery has been purchased by the school and will be given to pupils as soon as it has been paid for.

The arrival protocols remain the same as last year:

Grade 1 and 2 boys dropped off and collected from the tuck shop (please remember that it remains a one-way road).

Grade 3 and 5 boys are dropped off, and collected in Kingsway, at the sliding gate (do not drop boys off on the far side of the road!).

Grade 4 and 6 boys are dropped off in front of the school, at the main (bus shelter) entrance. They walk to the front doors at the bottom of the stairs.

Grade 7 boys are also dropped off at the bus-shelter entrance, but they enter the building at the end of the Grade 7 passage.

NO boy may arrive at school without his mask!

I, and my staff, look forward to working with you and your sons this year and I trust that, despite the hurdles, we will be able to make a difference this year and achieve our goals.

Yours in quality education

Lester Pike


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