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Continue to be vigilant!

As we enter lockdown level 1, I am pleased to report that the staff have been proactive in ensuring that your child remains safe. To date, we have had one confirmed positive case of Covid-19 in a pupil before he returned to school in July and one educator who tested positive to date. Both have fully recovered and have returned to school healthy and free of the virus.

I wish to encourage all parents to continue to be vigilant and ensure that all Covid-19 protocols are followed when your child returns home and over the weekend. The virus is still among our community and we would hate to let our guard down and find ourselves having to return to lockdown status.

The school will also continue to ensure that all the necessary rules are complied with.

Cell Phones

I have encountered, in the past two weeks, several concerns regarding cell phones. I wish to remind parents, and their sons, that the school has a zero-tolerance policy for cell phones at school. Only this week a pupil was caught “Googling” an answer on his cell phone during an assessment test.

In another incident, it was discovered that pupils as young as Grade 5, were creating “Group Chats” with fellow pupils and passing unsavory comments regarding other pupils. This is Cyber-Bullying and will not be tolerated at our school. If your child owns a cell phone, please be a responsible parent and check regularly what he is up to on his phone. Be aware of which sites he visits and what he is getting up to in the group chats. This is not an invasion of privacy – it is parenting! Cyber-bullying can have serious repercussions and can lead to prosecution.


On the academic front, we have five weeks before the end of the third term and a short, seven-week, fourth term. It is vitally important that your son stays up to date with his school work and applies himself to what is required from him. This year has not allowed for a full year of face-to-face teaching and every child must make the most of his opportunities. Your son will not do this without your encouragement and support. Please be aware of what he is doing at school and insist on the completion of all required tasks and that he learns and prepares well for assessments.

Tuck Shop

Mr Heuer has informed me that many parents are enquiring when the tuck shop will re-open. This will happen as from Monday, 28th September. Pupils will have to line up 2m apart and no sharing of food will be allowed. The boys will sit in their allocated break time spaces to eat their lunch.


We still have space available at Daycare. Fees are R700 per month without a meal and R1 100 per month with a meal. Please contact the bursar’s office should you wish to send your son to Daycare. Homework classes are supervised by teachers and the boys on the playing fields are also supervised by adults. If your child goes to Daycare, please insist that he attends the homework classes if he has homework to complete. There are three classroom venues available at Du Toit House for him to go and do his homework.

Should your son attend Daycare, please ensure that you collect him before 17:15, or be prepared to pay extra.

Finally, I wish you and your family a wonderful Heritage Day on Thursday.

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