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The END of Term 3 2019


Whilst signing the 3rd term reports, I was pleased to see the number of boys who have had a significant increase in their marks. The Grade 7 Maths results were particularly pleasing to see and I think that the IXL program which the Grade 7 boys are loving, has had an influence on these results. Long may it last.

A disappointing trend has been noticed in the Grade 4 to 7 boys’ assignments and projects. Some boys are simply not handing in their project or assignment although the tasks are given to them weeks in advance. Some boys are starting on their project or task the day before it is due. The results are that the marks are then affected, which in turn affects the December report marks. Parents, please keep a check on what your child is up to and insist that he spends enough time on his project work. The third term is not an exam term and marks are derived from the tests, projects and assignments given to them.

The lack of work ethic is also a cause for alarm. Many boys do not deem it necessary to learn for a test! This then results in very low marks or even failure. The teachers can only do so much, the rest is up to the boy. With very little homework given, time should be spent revising and learning before a test. Boys should also be reading on a daily basis.

Please folks, the education of your child does not only lie with the school, the teachers need you to assist in ensuring that the boys are doing what they should be doing at home.

The fourth term is a very important term academically speaking. We have just over five weeks before the start of final exams. Some pupils are in jeopardy of repeating their grade. After going over your son’s report, if he falls into this category, please ensure that he puts in an extra effort from the start of the fourth term.


The staff are encountering a growing number of boys who show disrespect towards their teachers and who are constantly in trouble for ill-discipline. Parents are asked to instil discipline in your child at home. The school’s role is to educate your child whilst the role of the parent is to raise well-disciplined and well-mannered children. The school will try to continue with the discipline of your child, but the assistance of the parents in this regard is vital.

Children learn their habits from their parents and we need our pupils to learn good habits. This applies to the language they use and to their work ethic.


Many of the senior boys are coming to school without the correct stationery requirements. This places unnecessary pressure on the teacher and on the other members of the class because boys are now borrowing stationery and this leads to disruptions and unhappiness. Please ensure that your son has everything he needs as far as his stationery is concerned.


I have noticed that boys are wearing long trousers which are far too short. The trouser hems are taken in and boys are wearing long trousers which are halfway up their shins. If your child’s clothing becomes too small for him, please buy new clothing so that he can look neat and tidy.

Some boys are coming to school with shirts that are dirty and haven’t been washed for a week. Check your child’s uniform before he leaves home to come to school. We are very proud of our uniform and we would like it to be neat and tidy. Buttons sewn on and zips that work. Please also ensure that ALL items of clothing are clearly marked with a name and a surname (NOT on the outside).


With the onset of the summer sporting program, all boys will be expected to be involved in at least one sporting code.

Boys should all have a pair of, predominantly white, track shoes (takkies) and the correct sports clothing. The sport’s coaches will be identifying boys who do not participate and they will then be placed on the swimming or athletics program. Please encourage your son to become involved as it is a part of his education.


· A number of our boys and staff participated in the Jackson’s Clean Green Campaign on Saturday, 14th September. We did a sweep up Kingsway from the railway bridge up until the school and over fifty bags of litter were collected. Many boys asked why we did not do this more often and I was encouraged by their enthusiasm. The message we are sending to our pupils is that we are responsible for our environment and we need to look after it.

· Some parents are delivering KFC, Macdonald’s, Steers or Spur foods to their children at school. This practise will not be allowed and parents will be asked to take the food away with them if it happens again. Please pack a healthy lunch for your child to enjoy at school. A cake on his Birthday will be allowed, but it must be a rectangular cake, already cut into enough squares for his class.

In closing, I would like to wish you and your family a lovely, short break with your children and may they be returned safely and recharged for the fourth term.

Lester Pike - HEADMASTER

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